Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What is a Fire Protection Contractor?

Someone who holds a C16 license is considered a fire protection contractor, C16 is the specific type of license classification. A fire protection contractor lays out, fabricates and installs all types of fire protection systems; including all equipment associated with these types of systems, but excludes electrical alarm systems (fire alarms).

A fire protection contractor can do any new fire sprinkler system installation. A new fire sprinkler system installation requires system design with calculations that ensure there is enough water supply for proper fire sprinkler system function.  The C16 contractor does the physical installation of the fire sprinkler system into the new or existing property and inspections of that system with the local fire authority. I.S.FIREPRO does new fire sprinkler system installation for all of the different types of buiding systems; residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Fire protection contractors not only do new installations they also can repair existing fire sprinkler systems and test existing fire sprinkler systems. These services help maintain proper function of an existing fire sprinkler system. Fire protection has been around for so long that some systems have been in use for over 75 years. Repairs or upgrades on older systems are common and well within the scope of work of a C16 contractor. Fire sprinkler system testing is also a common request for a C16 contractor – testing an existing fire sprinkler system to ensure proper function if a fire were to occur.

A fire protection contractor is licensed by the state they perform work in – I.S.FIREPRO is licensed by the California CSLB (contractors’ state license board).  A c16 fire protection contractor can help a homeowner, business owner, developer, ect,  meet city, state, insurance and occupancy safety requirements by facilitating the fire sprinkler system install, repair, or service testing their particular property needs. To get started on a project that requires fire protection or need to maintain an existing system call I.S.FIREPRO at (800) 452-1060.


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